Hello there!

My name is Ismail El. and I go by “Samuel” as my nickname in the internet world. I am based on Agadir, Morocco and I am a raising web and mobile developer.

I begun exploring the industry back in the early 2014 when I started a web blog named elegance-style.com seeking to increase my knowledge around the area, and to make some money out of it as well. When I first bought that domain, I have had no idea what I am doing and luckily I made my way through installing the right CMS (WordPress) via CPanel, and started exploring WP.

Couple months later, I’ve found myself learning HTML and then CSS, couple more months later I was learning PHP through WordPress code. I got more excited when I was learning JavaScript and I found out that the syntax is quite simple and easy, and that I have already learned the concept of programming and algorithm and logic from PHP at first place.

I wrote many free and premium WordPress plugins during the past 2 years, I am having quite a difficulty now trying to maintain them and provide support but I can make it.

I also learned Python during the year of 2016, and shell scripting as well as LAMP/LEMP stack, since I have begun using Linux since the early 2016 when I moved my sites to a DigitalOcean VPS; allow me to say, damn it feels so good to be using Linux which I have been exploring for more than 8 months now.

I am recently trying to figure out time to learn Android and Java programming. Java is an interesting language that I really liked many features of especially the strict typing. I was hoping to learn React Native as I thought it is hard to program with Java, but that now that is void as I am getting my steps into the Java world as well. Wish me luck? okay.

I have been working as a freelancer as well, I got my first Upwork job back in March 2016 and have worked with so many awesome clients, and the last project I have done was IDR Labs, a unique MBTI site that offers a load of psychological and personality information, and an amazing set of free personality tests. It was quite an amazing experience!!

Currently I have so many items on my TODO list, I hope to be able to work on some new sites I have been planning, and maintain the code I wrote before, and push more open source software to the world and contribute to couple projects. Yep, and it’s a long way ahead.