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NameCheap hosting – emails not being received

NameCheap hosting – emails not being received

Hi all.

In this blog entry I am discussing a tiny experience I had as a NameCheap customer.

Basically I have gone ahead with site construction and other stuff, but I noticed something weird while setting up and email address with the domain name I had: emails can only be sent but not received to my email address.

I gave up for some time, until I decided to contact their support team. They offer good support through their live chat system.

I have explained the issue and after a little while they have gotten it fixed for me, and they sent me back an email:

We’re happy to let you know that the issue has been resolved. It was triggered by a one-time glitch in Spam Experts system. We fixed it and sent a test email to from, feel free to find it in your mailbox.

And it worked, now receiving emails in my Horde email interface.

After a little while, the issue consisted again, so I looked it up a bit and found out that NameCheap are using a program named “Professional Spam Filter” for spam filtering, which of course is encountering a glitch and basically aborts delivering any email coming to the inbox.

So, our simple fix for this is updating our MX records from the control panel (cPanel) MX Entry tool:

namecheap mail not receiving - mx entry

Next thing is selecting the domain name for which we associate our email address, example the address is I choose subdomain from the dropdown menu.

As a start we go ahead adding a new MX record through Add a New Record section (we set the destination to mail.{site} for the default cPanel mail server, with 0 as priority)

namecheap mail not receiving - new record

After doing this, we will want to go to the next section “MX Records” and delete all of the existing records except the one we just created (make a backup first, screenshot perhaps).

I guess doing all of this should come with a fix right? go ahead and forward a message to your email address to see if it is now receiving new emails.

Thanks for reading, if you had any comments, feel free to discuss below.


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  1. Thank you so much. This was the only site that gave I got a solution for this problem in google. Keep doing the good work

  2. Thank You. This solved my problems.

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