This gist is intended to help you list all of the active plugins in your WordPress installation, involving network active plugins when in a multisite.

The Gist:

function get_active_plugins_list() {
	// get blog active plugins
	$plugins = apply_filters('active_plugins', get_option('active_plugins'));

	if ( is_multisite() ) {
		// get active plugins for the network
	    $network_plugins = get_site_option('active_sitewide_plugins');
	    if ( $network_plugins ) {
	        $network_plugins = array_keys($network_plugins);
	        $plugins = array_merge($plugins, $network_plugins);

	return $plugins;


Check if a plugin is active:

$my_plugin = 'bbpress/bbpress.php';

if ( in_array($my_plugin, get_active_plugins_list()) ) {
    // bbPress is active
} else {
    // bbPress is not active

Print the plugins list:

print '<ul>';
print '<li>';
print implode('</li><li>', get_active_plugins_list());
print '</li>';
print '</ul>';
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