Managing a WordPress multisite install can be a thing, especially when one has more than a blog within the network, and they have different forms for account interactions like logins, password reset, user signups and activation. Today I am introducing a plugin that I always wanted to create for myself and for the community, a WordPress Multisite Authentication plugin that enables you to restrict allĀ logins, signups, password resets, activation account auth components to 1 main site.

Multisite Auth – The WordPress Plugin


Multisite Auth is a plugin you can use to handle all the authentication and account componenets under the same site/blog. You can create a custom blog for the authentication, say for instance, and all the other sites and blogs (including the parent main one) will be redirected to this auth site to process the following:

  • Account login
  • Account logout
  • Password reset and reset email
  • User registrations with blogs
  • Account activations




Multisite Auth plugin development version is available on Github, but can also be downloaded from


For plugin support, try the plugin support forums atĀ


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