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Get Alexa Site Rank: Python, PHP and JavaScript

In this quick tutorial we’ll learn about how to use Alexa‘s public API to retrieve the global rank for a given website. Alexa provides a public API with an XML response containing the queried domain rank data, here’s the API endpoint URI: Get Alexa Site Rank with Python: Python is the best for this, running […]

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An effective way of preventing spam registration with JavaScript – WordPress

As I am writing this blog post about preventing spam registration on wordPress, many weblogs out there are getting tons of new accounts registered which belong to robots and are totally untolerated spam. Preventing Spam Registration on WordPress There are so many ways out there, free and paid, which would help you knock off spam […]

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How to remove unwanted hash or other characters from WordPress page URL

WordPress: How to remove unwanted hash or other characters from WordPress page URL In this quick tutorial, we will learn how to remove unwanted hashes, special characters, query variable parameters or any other type of text, from your WordPress page URL. Remember that hashes are often added for a good reason, such as when switching tabs […]

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