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Add fields to BuddyPress registration form and profile

In this tutorial, we’ll learn about how we can programmatically add custom fields to BuddyPress registration form, validate these fields and process them, and then show the user values in the user profile page. If you haven’t already learned, BuddyPress acts like a WordPress multisite environment when it comes to handling signups. BuddyPress at first validates […]

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bbPress Messages – Send automatic welcome messages to new users

bbPress Messages – customizing and extending Send automatic greeting and welcome messages to new users In this quick tutorial we are going to talk about how to enable custom messages sent automatically to new user upon a successful registration on our WordPress blog or website. Required plugins For this process, you’re going to need: bbPress, the parent […]

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An effective way of preventing spam registration with JavaScript – WordPress

As I am writing this blog post about preventing spam registration on wordPress, many weblogs out there are getting tons of new accounts registered which belong to robots and are totally untolerated spam. Preventing Spam Registration on WordPress There are so many ways out there, free and paid, which would help you knock off spam […]

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Add user last seen column to WordPress users table

In this quick tutorial, we will learn to add a custom column to the admin users column and show when our users were last caught visiting our website’s front end. Each time a user browses your website, the meta in the database will be updated with the new time integer to get the exact last […]

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