YouTube Subscribe Button on Video Embeds is a light and simple plugin that enables you to add subscribe buttons on video embeds in your website, to engage more subscribers for your YouTube channel.

Works on page load time, YouTube Subscribe Button on Video Embeds automatically fetches videos and embeds within your website content, and automatically places a customisable preloader to show while the data is being fetched for this channel which this video belongs to. Once the AJAX response is retrieved, the subscription button for your YouTube Channel (or the channel that posted this video) will be added with custom text.

YouTube Subscribe Button on Video Embeds comes with custom settings which you can customize:

  • Layout – button layout, full for showing the channel avatar, link, and subscribe button, or default, to show only the subscribe button.
  • Subscriber count – choose whether to show the total subsceibers count in the button.
  • Colors – enables you to set custom background colors and font colors for this button and text container.
  • Custom text – a rich editor (WYSIWYG) where you can format the output, the custom text to show, and the button placement.
  • Custom channel – this option will let you ignore the channels where the videos are from and add subscribe buttons to your custom channel all the time regardless of which channel has posted this video where we are adding the subscribe button.
  • And few more options and settings, such as preloader formatting and toggle, custom CSS and more..

This plugin has no effect on page load as it works upon DOM ready and gets data from AJAX requests. Requests to YouTube Data API are cached by default, for better performance and speed.

For more information, please view the Frequently Asked Questions tab, screenshots, or if you want to contact us before making your purchase for pre-sale questions, please use this form.

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