• What are the minimum requirements for YouTube Subscribe Button on Video Embeds?

YouTube Subscribe Button on Video Embeds requires you to have at least PHP 5, and can work with any latest WordPress version.

  • Do I need any API key or anything to get YouTube Subscribe Button on Video Embeds working?

No. Upon installation and activation, the plugin will work, and fetch API data with a default API key we provided. If you have an own YouTube Data API key then it would be good to add it in the settings.

  • I want to add a custom YouTube channel, where do I find the channel ID or username?

If you want to setup a custom channel instead (to always place subscribe buttons for this channel), you are required to go to the plugin settings page (Dashboard > Settings > YouTube Button) and add the channel ID or username. If you don’t have a username, then add a channel ID which can be found in the “Advanced Account Settings” page in your YouTube Dashboard.

More FAQ will be added. If you are not sure about something, please contact us.