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WpChats 3.0


WordPress Live Chat & Instant Messaging Plugin With User Profiles

WpChats 3.0 is here! After a little bit of waiting, the development of WpChats Intant Messaging and WordPress Chats plugin is finally completed! Click to see what’s new.

With WpChats plugin, you will be able to let your blog or website users communicate and exchange private messages in an instant way with each other, that would probably make them stay longer on your site and enjoy it being able to interact with each other.

Some features powered by WpChats 3.0

Here are some of the key features powered as of WpChats 3.0:

  • User profiles: flexible, editable and easy to extend SEO friendly user profiles
  • Attachement uploads: Users can now upload custom attachements and embed them into conversations easily. Uploads limit size and custom extensions settings are available.
  • More widgets, including WpChats Ultimate Users widget which does everything user-based, from searching a user, composing quick messages, easy to extend.
  • Custom user roles, capabilities and limitations, to limit the uploads, messages, reports and more for your users.
  • Users custom stats and site-notifications

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Some live screenshots:

In case you wanted a quicker way to see the plugin in action, while you’re not using the demo tool, here are some screenshots for you:

WpChats new message popup WpChats sidebar new message popup notification A WpChats user profile WpChats user statistics WpChats compose message to users WpChats quick message composing select recipient WpChats single conversation and messages view WpChats conversations view WpChats mute conversation to prevent popups, notifications and emails from this conversation WpChats custom user uploads WpChats 50+ emoticons with custom emoji upload Few WpChats widgets WpChats admin global stats


Those are only few screenshots we could possibly capture from the demo site.

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